Meditation Classes

Need a Mental Health Break?

Our weekly Meditation Classes might be just what you are looking for!

Don’t miss this opportunity for personal growth, increased self awareness and reduced stress.

Join us for our 45 minute inspirational and informative talk followed by a 15-20 minute relaxing meditation

Every Thursday Evening 8:30-9:30

Conveniently Located in Bergen County, NJ
(Just across from Bergenfield’s Clearview Cinema)
There is no charge for this class and everyone is welcome!

People are increasingly turning towards meditation techniques in order to cope with the many pressures and stress from today’s hectic lifestyle. With chaos all around us, more of us are seeking balance. People are turning to mediation as a way to alleviate stress and achieve a sense of inner peace and relaxation knowing that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

Science has shown that there are therapeutic benefits of meditation practices. The state of relaxation and the altered state of consciousness can be very effective in reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, panic and depression.

But perhaps, more than anything, people who regularly attend our meditation classes find that they are a useful resource in promoting personal growth, developing an increased self awareness and cultivating a more calm and positive attitude towards life in general.

There is no charge for these classes and all are welcome to listen to the talks given by Chief Instructor, Shifu Raymond Ahles.

Come Join Us For Thursday Mediation Classes
You’ll be glad you did!

Call Suzanne at 201-385-3130 or email her at and let her know you are coming.

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