Martial Arts Classes: Training for the Body, Mind, & Spirit

There are many martial arts schools in the Bergen County, NJ area that can teach you to punch, block and kick so how do you decide on where to take your martial arts classes or what style to practice?

At the Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts located in Bergenfield, NJ the focus is exclusively on teaching Chinese Martial Arts, also known as Kung Fu.

We know that the secret to be truly successful at anything in life
lies in one’s ability to focus their efforts consistently over time.

We have earned our solid reputation as a martial arts school that is dedicated to helping students lead more fulfilling and happier lives through the practice. Our students get far more than just the self-defense lessons that they originally signed up for.

Every person who walks through our doors has his or her own personal reasons for wanting to take martial arts classes. Taking the time to talk with you individually to discover what those reasons are is the first step in realizing those goals and helping you to get the most benefit from our program. Our goal is simple – to help every student reach his or her true potential.

In our Adults Martial Arts Classes Program you will learn how to:

• Defend Yourself using Practical Self Defense techniques
• Improve Self Confidence
• Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety levels
• Get into Great Physical Shape
• Achieve Superior Health
• Improve Your Focus and Concentration
• Achieve a Sense of Calm and Inner Peace

To discover for yourself what our program is really like, you may register on-line for a free trial class: For adults’ martial arts classes, click here, and for children’s martial arts classes, click here.

And if it’s the slower “moving meditation” class like Tai Chi that you’re looking for, click here for our Qigong (Ch’i Kung) classes.

You can find out more about the quality of our martial arts instruction, our friendly environment and very safe teaching methods here.

Flexible Class Schedule

The Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts is open 7 days a week and offers students an open class schedule and unlimited classes. Once enrolled in one of our chi kung (qigong) or kung fu classes, you can attend as often as you wish. See our class schedule for more information on our Kung Fu and Chi Kung (Qigong) Classes.

Contact Us Today and Arrange for Your Free Trial Class

Call Suzanne today at 201-385-3130 with any question you have or go to our adults’ martial arts classes page, our children’s martial arts classes page, or our qigong “moving meditation” classes page and fill out the form to schedule a time for your free trial class.

Or, if you prefer, you can also email Suzanne at to set up a time for you to tour our facilities and discover for yourself why so many of our students have been with us for so many years.