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Adults Kung Fu & Qigong

Become strong, flexible, focused and relaxed with balanced training for the body and mind. Look and feel younger as you burn fat and tone muscle while learning something useful!
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Kung Fu For Kids & Teens

Parents are amazed at how respectful, confident & focused their kids are becoming…
A dynamic, high-energy program!
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Martial Arts Classes: Training for the Body, Mind, & Spirit

There are many martial arts schools in the Bergen County, NJ area that can teach you to punch, block and kick so how do you decide on where to take your martial arts classes or what style to practice?

At the Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts located in Bergenfield, NJ the focus is exclusively on teaching Chinese Martial Arts, also known as Kung Fu.

We know that the secret to be truly successful at anything in life
lies in one’s ability to focus their efforts consistently over time.

We have earned our solid reputation as a martial arts school that is dedicated to helping students lead more fulfilling and happier lives through the practice. Our students get far more than just the self-defense lessons that they originally signed up for.


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Wisdom – Benevolence – Sincerity – Bravery…
These four words in our motto are recited at the beginning of classes at the Blue Dragon School. They not only serve to motivate and inspire but to remind us that the practice of real martial arts develops the body, the mind and the spirit.

For over 20 years now…
“Dedicated to helping people realize the value of consistent effort over time and their true potential through the practice of real martial arts.”